Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Keifus and Me

For those of you who didn't slog through my "working out" saga over the past year and a half (here and here), I'm still at it. I dropped forty pounds and gained some density besides. (I went from a soft 230 to a pretty firm 190.) I'm wouldn't say I'm proud (There's still ten pounds that could stand to go away), but I'm pleased to be back to my pre-childbirth weight, back when I stumbled around the ice rink every winter and the tennis court every summer. That's gotta count for something.

I had the company digital camera yesterday to take some report-filling pictures (see, I'm working!) and thinking of changing the picture in my bio, I snapped some of myself. See the difference? The whopper on the right is me, last July. On the left, that's me yesterday. I'm happy to see Meat Loaf over there dissolve, less happy to see my best friend's father emerge from the folds. Getting older sucks.

Who's less photogenic than these two?

Mr. Smug here on the left was taken about six months before Chubsy McFatass up above. It was before peak poundage, but believe you me, that's a purposeful pose, and there's a reason for the beard. It guides the eye to a then-hypothetical jawline. I don't know about you, but I'm sick of looking at his scruffy mug.

Still, I don't consider the cameo anything like a success. Maybe if I could airbrush in some more hair and learn how to smile. In an effort to look less like a total dork when I reply to people, I'm going with Mr. Stick Figure as my new profile shot. If you can't get enough of looking at me, I encourage you to bookmark this post. (Otherwise I'll send you the shirtless photos for $5.95. Good for darts, drink coasters, scaring children, etc.)



LentenStuffe said...


I wondered about the new stickman look, the yellow and green you, so now I know. Whatever about anything else, being trim is its own reward because the other good wholesome stuff usually goes along with it. I think you look great, and you definitely need to be less self-deprecating, because you're the man!


Keifus said...

Actually, I think I dodged a bullet, or, to mix metaphors, caught a twig on the edge of a diabetic, heart-diseased precipice and scratched my way back up. I'm amazed how easy it was to get fat, disappointed how difficult it is (now) to get back from it. Also annoyed that I came out looking like someone else.


twiffer said...

okay, so you lost weight, but why did you shave?

Keifus said...

Hoping to grow some new mojo. It didn't work, but beard was more upkeep as I had to keep it trimmed.

And John: Self-deprecation is part of my mystique, such as it is. (See what I mean.)


august said...

Don't talk nonsense. You're ripped.

Er, for a technical whore.

Keifus said...

a cheap whore at that, august.

august said...

Maybe that's what Geoff meant by "Solicitation."

hipparchia said...

solicitation, makes proposals for a living...hmmmmm....

anyways, yes, forty pounds counts for a lot! congratulations!

and for complementing the new look, you could always try the hair club.

Keifus said...

Only if they're donating.

Do you know what I seriously want though? Some of that hair in a can. I mean, I wouldn't wear it out or anything (I'm not that far gone, mentally or follicularly), but it just looks like a lot of fun. Hey this isn't deoderant! Ahhh!

Yeah. Anyway.