Saturday, October 07, 2006


The writing bug, like too many bugs, bit me much too late in life, somewhere around my thirtieth birthday. Very little of that writing has been poetry, but just this same, I wrote this one before any of that, about ten years ago. It's not much in the way of mechanics, but I still like the image behind it. --K

My memories are events
Images--frozen in four dimensions
Stilled contortions of reality
Liquid suspended in air
A voice captured in its ululation
All devoid of background and out of cntext
Laughing as a child
A fraternal ritual
A smiling woman stroking my knee.

Just several points
On the invisible grid of space-time.
An intersection of the surfaces
Of our existence
Existing still at that point.
At that event
And somehow observable
By the machinations of my memory.


twiffer said...

yep, you're a science geek. kudos for working "ululate" in: that's always welcome.

i too like the imagery of events as frozen moments. mental photography, in that way.

Keifus said...

I'm obviously no poet--you'd be hard pressed to find a word with less rhythm and grace.

Geek, huh. Oh man, what gave it away?

K (thanx for the comment)