Saturday, December 15, 2012


As smarter men than me have suggested, easy access to guns is the difference between a killing and a killing spree.   If that guy only had a knife--or even a hunting rifle--it seems unlikely he'd have been able to take 30 other people out along with the one he actively hated.  And if you're down to advocating armed kindergarten teachers as the thin line between order and chaos, then you might want to step back and reconsider your notions of "freedom."

Gun controls?  I don't know if that fixes very much, really.  Even if they seem to be effective elsewhere, we've got our own brand of advocacy here in America, and we have different local stresses, and neither of those will ever be what's addressed.  If there's a solution to this, I am pretty sure that all of the hero fantasies I keep reading in response, all those revenge fantasies, all those delusions of steely competence, those things are closer to the problem.

[Appended: I keep going back and forth about posting my feelings to my "friends" on the various social media that I am reacting to.  Part of my growing disgust is all that unsolicited sanctimony, and unfortunately, what I have to say can only be included in that category.  At least anyone reading my shitty blog is here because they want to read what dumb things that are on my mind.]