Friday, February 22, 2008

Review of America The Book by Jon Stewart*

*and about a dozen other Daily Show writers.

It reads like MAD magazine for twenty-somethings. I don't think this is wholly a bad thing: Some of the jokes got audible laughs, and the usual gang of idiots went far toward molding me into the sarcastic twit you have before you today. No, I just wish I read America the Book when I was still an irresponsible twenty-something.


(I am so just not feeling it lately)


Archaeopteryx said...

Me neither. Maybe it'll come back.

Keifus said...

If I get really down, I plan to blame everything on my disillusionment with professional sports. I mean really, I spent all winter cultivating a Randy Moss beard, and that can't be good for my self esteem.

Maybe it'll be enough to inspire a congressional investigation.