Saturday, February 09, 2008

"Something I'll never be able to perfect"

Dig the initials.  Dig the shamrock.
It just says Keifus, 35-year old Hawaiian organ donor
For Christmas, my parents gave me a photo album documenting the process of creating the "Keifus" mandolin. I wish they had a better feel for those modern, digital, cameras, because the blurs and the thumbprints detract a little from the representation of the whole creative experience. As brilliant as the old man may be--and he is--it's still a little more comfortable to give up the goods (and the faces) behind the process to some tech-savvy strangers.

Here's one dude going through the closing steps of gluing the faces to the sides, doing the finish, and providing some requisite 21st century nattering. Enjoy...


twiffer said...

the mandolin is great. but looking at the picture of you makes me feel drunk.

Keifus said...

Drunk, you say... That's actually quite a coincidence. The photo looked perfectly focused when I snapped it.