Saturday, June 13, 2009

Better Poetry Than Mine

I'll have a normal post up soon (tomorrow, or Monday at the outside). In the meantime, I want to take advantage of this verbal lull to turn the spotlight to one of the coolest girls I know. These are some of her poems, which, as something of an incentive, I offered to show off on her Daddy's blog if they made the grade. They are from a book ("No Listening Allowed") that she recently dedicated to her great-grandmother, and before we drop it in the mail, I am upholding my end of the bargain. She's got more voice than I had at that age (and she's not doing so bad against the old man right now...), a bit of a naturalist evidently, and fond of naked word associations. Her silly streak makes me proud. Enjoy.

Gentle butterflies in my stomach
Waiting, watching, listening
I plea, "Robins sing your first chirp
Sun RISE!"
First day of spring right around

Walrus (Cinquain)
Fat, majestic
Swimming, spitting, maneuvering
Mounds of blubber
Upside-down beast

I am Earth
You know me for the eldest land you worship.
My mother is earthquakes.
My father is volcanic eruptions.
I was born in a meteor shower.
I live in the cracks of every rock.
My best friend is the Moon
Because she keeps the world balanced.
We like to frolic in circles.
My enemy is Mars
Because he throws meteors at me.
I fear losing Moon
Because of constant climate changes.
I love the flowers
Because they hide the rocks under the luscious scent.
I dream to go green.

Summer Day (Diamante)
Summer day
Sunny, bright
Sweating, blistering, showering
Sunburns, flip flops, stars, crescents
Soothing sleeping, comforting
Chilly, fresh
Winter night.

5 Ws Poem (included at her request)
Eats bugs
On the floor
On Saturdays
Because it's extra yummy that day.


Schmutzie said...

All very nice!

I am Earth is extra terrific.

Totally agree about Saturday bug eating.

Keifus said...

Thank you very much, Schmutzie. I felt the same can sense more sophisticated thoughts just starting to develop in that one. She's such a great kid.

artandsoul said...

Now that is some terrific writing!

I love "I am Earth" ... it bears rereading again and again. Please ask her if I may quote it -- could you perhaps put her initials or something? That is simply wonderful.

And "Walrus" is sublime! When I return home our pool will be in perfect shape for a summer of just that kind of maneuvering, and I shall think of myself as an upside down beast in good company!

Keifus said...

When the kids were little(r), we used to go over the animal sounds. What does a cow say? (moo) What does a horse say? (neigh) So what does a walrus say? (koo-koo-kachoo, of course).

K (M.H. I'm sure she'd be thrilled.)

artandsoul said...

Of course! That would be my daughters' answer as well :)

You let her know I'm going to be following her career!

Schmutzie said...

Never had kids K, but always wished that I could have experienced that sort of thing. She sounds like a bright, creative, imaginative, happy young person. Must take after her mother.

Keifus said...

Somehow the kids got only the good parts of either of us. Still haven't figured that one out.