Sunday, January 27, 2008

Greetings from the Digital Age

Well, I finally ditched the dialup service, and bundled my soul and shipped it off to the cable providers. When they came and set me up, they pointed out the two dozen or so mismatched and split cables, as well as the three or four lines to nowhere that snaked through my walls as the possible cause of my poor television service thus far. They may have had a point, and I postponed the first installation for a fabulous weekend of snaking wires through the walls and, in some cases, abandoning them to the interstitial oubliette. With nice fat cable and a minimum of splicing, my internet and phone service is spectacular, and now I can look at all of your wonderful images and YouTube clips without any difficulty at all.

Sadly, however, it looks like the internet is still full of the same old crap.


twiffer said...

yes, but now it doesn't take as long to realize it.

i forget that people still have dial-up.

Keifus said...

I got dialup for 15 bucks a month, how can you beat that? I figured access to web video couldn't possibly be worth four times that price, but my wife needed to download a bunch of classwork, and so that was that.

(And as it turned out, the phone company was taking me for a ride, and with the bundled service, we're paying the same as before for everything. Woo hoo.)

Archaeopteryx said...

Screwed by the phone company. Hard to believe. Why does it seem to me that no matter how much bundling and discounting they do, and no matter how much stuff I'm supposedly getting for free, my phone bill is never under 140 bucks? Sheesh. Free porn is expensive!

Keifus said...

To be fair, I've yet to discover all the interesting inclusions that will come with the newly enhanced cable bill.

The phone co. was Verizon, and had grown about 25% bigger in four years. What really pissed me off though, was the discounts and deals they were constantly offering to new signers-on. As a valued customer, I had no piece of that.

Back when I had a cell phone through Verizon, it was always the magic $140 too, no matter what. I kind of hate them.