Friday, October 05, 2007

Fun Link of the Day

Er, well, first one ever for this blog.

Animations by XVivo, imagining the molecular mechanics inside of a human cell. A lot of the visualization is fanciful (I think), but it's also well informed by the actual crazy-ass shit that cellular proteins do when they're working. It's a very cool cartoon, and courtesy of Mrs. Keifus.

I've actually been doing a fair amount more scribbling lately than is reflected here. Will provide links soon (whether or not anyone cares).


Artemesia said...

We are the 4th dimension..A billion, billion universes inside of us..

Thanks for the cosmic can opener..I am The Walrus and the Arctic Sea, the roots of a billion, billion trees..and the worms that open vistas never seen before..

Keifus said...

Isn't it amazing?

I've even heard if you play The Dark SIde of the moon with it, then at 3:22 of Great Gig in the Sky you will achieve enlightenment. (Okay, I made that last part up.)