Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pi Blogging (for nerds only)

Sorry, it had to be done.

(And gratuitously, go here.)


twiffer said...

yes, yes it did.

at a weekend long phish concert (96ish, i think) someone wrote out pi to a couple hundred or so digits on a small building. granted, i'm not sure how accurate it was given a) how would i have known and b) acid, anyway. but it was amusing nonetheless.

hipparchia said...

3.1415926 is as far as i ever memorized. of course it had to be done.

Keifus said...

I'd like to tell you I memorized any of that. (You got me by a digit just there...actually I've used the sin^2 identities recently enough to remember them.)

Twif: Phish and pi? I'm thinking someone had the munchies, made do.