Friday, July 06, 2007

...another service announcement - optional comment forum

I think most of the readers of this blog realize that I crosspost some of the items to the Wikfray group blog as well as to BTC News. Both are communities that originated in the discussion forums of Slate magazine, and eventually outgrew it for one reason or another. BTC News is a finely written (left-leaning) political blog, but luckily enough for me, a book reviewer was needed (I bundle the reviews, and lately remove the personalized touches, to post there). Wikifray is a group effort at blogging, and its attached forum is getting close to what I used to like about the old boards on Slate. Right now, it has a welcoming and ecumenical feel and everyone's on good behavior, all of which is nice. It's open to all who want to stop by.

On the other hand, even though I freely swap around the copy I dribble out, I enjoy being an independent blogger with my own identity, and I like "Keifus Writes!" as the locus of my online presence, and I am thrilled that people visit and comment here. It's an empowering sort of freedom, if a somewhat self-absorbed one. I suppose there's often a fine line there.

But those things don't have to be exclusive. I have opened up links so that anyone who is interested can comment to the Wikifray forum instead of below the post (you need to register to post there). It's totally optional. Regular comments will still be allowed and encouraged, and as before, they will not be distributed by the rss feed. Opinions on the idea are certainly welcome.


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