Monday, April 09, 2007


[I don't know about this one, I really don't.]

Like a flower, you advertise
clothe yourself
in brilliant orange.
You fill with moisture
a waiting womb, gravid
soon to be plucked
by a convenient lover
who won't be troubled
by your faithless seed.

I have no such compunctions.

I probe your skin with my finger
feeling for the point
that will yield.
I plunge into the breach
and strip you bare
spread and ravish you
without ceremony.
I fill my mouth with your soft flesh
my head with your floral scent
before devouring
and forgetting you for another.


twiffer said...

initial thoughts: i like it, and it stirs the desire for citrus fruit. actually, i think i have some blood oranges...

the sexual metaphors and imagery suit the subject. however, i can't help but have "oh my darlin' clementine" run through my head upon reading the title. that, however, is not your fault.

LentenStuffe said...

You scoundrel!

All fleshy and sensuously tumescent, with just the slightest hint or patina of compunction. Nothing like forbidden fruit to whet the appetite, eh?

As for "Oh, my darling ..." He's right: It has zero to do with your poem.

twiffer said...

lent: it's like some perverse, pavlovian response to the word clementine. horrible, really.

Dawn Coyote said...


Keifus said...

I just feel a little guilty, like a little foreplay was in order or something. But that's not really part of the fruit/animal contract.

A blood orange might have been a different poem? Man, I want one now (either one). It's great how something so basic can improve your outlook. Having an orange at lunch somehow made my day great.


twiffer said...

hmmm...don't know what happened to the comment i thought i posted before. anyway, while you might personally prefer some foreplay (and really, who doesn't like it?), it doesn't suit the mood or imagery of the poem.

blood orange is good. but the blackberries (earlier) were better.

Galatea said...

Quite a ripe piece you’ve written here Keifus.

I thoroughly enjoyed this juicy poem.

~ Galatea

Keifus said...

Thank you Galaea!

Artemesia said...


You obviously have 'It!'..
Sensuous, tactile, olfactorious..Your roses will love you this year. Trust me on this!

Your Clementine packs a lot of zest..Very well picked and done. More please.

Keifus said...

The first part of it came, indirectly enough, from the comments you made under my review of Pollan's book. Got me thinking. (In the context of plant sex, I didn't feel like a cad at all.)

Transplanted some of the roses a week or two ago. Hoping for the best, but they're probably doomed.


Artemesia said...

Don't laugh Keifus..

But I suggest horse manure for the roses. Find a stable or follow a cop riding a horse with a little scoop..Roses like manure. Opposites do attract! Beauty from the beast.

cat said...

oh yeah. nicely done.

i'd lose the title, though...but the rest - excellent.