Sunday, February 11, 2007

Something I Never Imagined I'd Say

"I sure am excited about that mandolin."

Still nekkid, and not even sanded yet (she'll be tobacco dark when done).

Here's the fingerboard.

Still can't play the thing worth a damn.

(but getting less bad all the time)

UPDATE: Other than being observed on the same trip, this is not related to the post below. Dad's making the mandolin. Old friend's got the new baby.


august said...


Nothing like a proud father...

Keifus said...

Oh, sorry to be confusing. I'm defintely not this sort of craftsman--my dad is making this for me.

I went down to their house this weekend, dropped off the kids for a night, and continued to an old friend's (one of the very few I ever still talk to). His wife just had their first (human) baby, and I wanted to wish them well.

[I took a very long and blessedly quiet coffee break on the way back between their house and my parents'.]

hipparchia said...

you are going to post audio clips of you playing this baby, aren't you?

codii: cod is good for you

Keifus said...

Um, I'll think about it.

(from below: where do you think he'll make them work, btw?)

twiffer said...

damn that's pretty. instruments can be so beautiful, even unplayed.

LentenStuffe said...

Lovely work!

Your dad made that? Wow.

Do you know Andy Irvine's work? It's primarily traditional Irish music, but he's really good.

Keifus said...

twf: even played badly? because this one will be. (Definitely still nice-looking tho)

LS: nice to see you around! Irish mandolin style is a little different from it's bastardized American counterpart. (Different picking style, details failing me, of course.) I've learned a couple jigs, is all. I appreciate the recommendation for a listen.