Friday, December 22, 2006

Hey Pierce Penniless!

Do you realize you've locked everyone out of reading your blog? If that was not intentional, you may want to look into it. I mean, I'm not a regular at very many places, so if you're ducking out on purpose, I wish you'd, you know, acknowledge it to your faithful here.

12/23: Well shit, bro, if inexpertly flogging the ghost of ole Billy Yeats can't draw you out, then I fear I've lost you. Hope to see you back around soon. Also wanted to mention that I'm enjoying Elizabeth Costello--will post on it in the near future, though it may be a tough one to discuss in a handful of paragraphs.



LentenStuffe said...


Sorry to shut you out, but I had to close it down (even from myself), so that I could spend time with the family. I did post a few poems but that's it.

No biggie, and no umbrage given or taken, I hope.

Keifus said...

Oh no, I couldn't think of a better reason myself. It just seemed so sudden and unannounced--glad you're still around.